Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Best Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools To Use in 2019:

A Framework that helps the developers to build mobile applications that are capable of working well on just more than a mobile platform and hence we call it - Cross-Platform Framework.

The platforms that we are talking about are iOS and Android. Cross-platform frameworks are in demand and the reason behind these is that the developers need to write the code once and can use the same code anywhere on the other platforms.

As we all know that the world is becoming smarter with the upgraded technologies and using smartphones so for developers it becomes a priority to create an app that supports several mobile platforms devices.

If we talk about the market than there are many tools available in the market and today we will discuss some of these amazing tools that make the Cross-platform app development easier.

Amazing Tools That Make The Cross-Platform App Development An Easy Task:

Nowadays, for businesses who are looking to establish their presence on iOS and Android platform, the best choice is to establish with powerful Cross-Platform frameworks.


  • Earlier in 2011, an independent hybrid app development framework named ‘Xamarin’ was launched.
  • In the year 2016, an independent framework is taken up by Microsoft and it becomes more believable and trustworthy in the market.
  • Xamarian is an open-source framework that is aimed to build the gap between various native technologies.
  • With these carry out the development faster by just making use of Xamarin plugins and NuGet package that offers access to native APIs.
  • Recently, Xamarin got into partnership with IBM, Microsoft, and Xoriant and also offers interface development tools.
  • Can be tested on a number of devices through cloud service. Easily shareable code with Windows platforms and Mac OS.
  • To build native app-like interfaces considered as one of the topmost competitive options.


  • A framework that is used for cross-platform app development earlier known as Apache PhoneGap and later named as Adobe PhoneGap as it is owned by Adobe.
  • PhoneGap allows the developers to take a look at the changes made to the code on the devices. It also makes use of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.
  • The main advantage of using PhoneGap is that it allows you to share the application with your team and you can collect the feedback from them.
  • PhoneGap also offers some of the cloud solutions, these can be useful to build an application directly.
  • PhoneGap is the first choice when it comes to building Hybrid apps.
  • If developers are working with PhoneGap than they are not needed to worry about the hardware issues.
  • PhoneGap can be used to build an app for all the major Operating System-OS out there and helps to add in more functionality by adding new plugins.


  •  A cross-platform development tool that is utilized to develop, deploy and test the functionality of a mobile app known as Appcelerator.
  • Appcelerator makes use of JavaScript as a universal code mechanism. It also conveys that the same code can be used to create an app for different platforms like Android, Blackberry and iOS.
  • For brisk development of an app with JavaScript experienced developer, the best choice is Appcelerator.
  • Fundamental source code at any time is accessible to the user. Also offers pre-built integration with salesforce, MongoDB, MS SQL, MS Azure, and Box.
  • Titanium framework makes it cost-effective and cloud services to pack, examine and distribute.


  • Another free and open-source cross-platform framework that is used by developers to build native interfaces.
  • Flutter development is based on Dart, Dart is an object-oriented programming language which is easy to learn and used by the developers.
  • A Hot Reloading feature of Flutter that speeds up the development time and also allows the developers to preview the changes that are made directly in the emulator, simulator and within the device.
  • The main advantage of using Flutter is that it takes a few seconds to write the codes and also to add new features, bug fixing and carry out development all can be done in quick time.
  • Flutter brings unique UI and feature of wrapping a web view, also offers quick and adjustable gadgets right inside the framework.
  • The architecture of flutter is based on the most popular and extensive reactive programming which means if you want to develop a feasible product than Flutter is the best choice.
  • For building hybrid applications Flutter is considered as a best-suited option among all the cross-platform mobile apps framework.


The most crucial role is played by the cross-platform app framework in case of mobile app development. The cross-platform framework works as a tool that carries out mobile and web development for businesses.

As we all know that every business is different and so their solutions hence whenever you are developing a web or mobile app for your business you need to be sure that you are going with a client-centric approach.

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