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What Is Mobile Device Testing & Best Practices For Mobile Testing?

Mobile device testing is the process of testing the functionality, usability, and performance of a mobile application on a variety of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. The goal of mobile device testing is to ensure that the application works correctly and as intended on a wide range of devices and operating systems. Best practices for mobile testing include: Testing on a variety of devices: Test the application on a wide range of devices and operating systems to ensure compatibility and identify any potential issues. Testing on real devices: Test the application on real devices rather than emulators or simulators to ensure accurate results. Testing on different networks: Test the application on different networks, such as Wi-Fi and cellular networks, to ensure optimal performance and identify any potential issues. User acceptance testing: Get feedback from end-users to ensure that the application is user-friendly and meets their needs. Performance testing: Test t
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A Detailed comparison Unit Testing vs Functional Testing

  The goal of software or application testing is to build a quality product. Software testing types come with excellent software development importance. Functional testing vs unit testing is the foundation of the testing process. Here, we have explained the main difference between both is: • The developer in the development cycle performs the best unit testing. • The tester performs the functional testing well during the level of system testing. Let’s dive into the blog and understand unit testing vs functional testing. Unit Testing Unit testing is a practice adopted by most organizations. It primarily helps in reducing the risk of bugs. To test the functional part of an application, we use a set of codes that pass through Automated testing. The developers make their own choice of doing a manual unit test or an automated unit test. It follows step-by-step document testing that helps developers to isolate the function. The test makes it more rigorous. It follows white-box solutions for

5 Best Free Sports Streaming Apps for iOS and Android Platforms

Sports are always fun to watch and the live stream sports app free makes it more convenient to watch anytime, anywhere. A big thanks to the app development companies who are always on their toes to match the leading market trends and requirements. As per Think with Google, 30% of sports fans enjoy tournament live streaming on the sport app on their smartphone. As per the Livestream report, 63% of sports fans are willing to spend on the best live sports streaming app for all sports. So, are you a sports buff who prefers watching sports on the go live on their iOS and Android smartphones? If yes, then this blog is for you. This blog focuses on the best live  streaming apps and how it enhances your experience your streaming experience on the go. 1. SuperSport SuperSport is a live stream sports app that allows you to experience an immersive level of live streaming of various sports like football and tennis. This app allows you to enjoy live commentary along with the group chat of all

Top excellent Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and Android

 The photograph is always looking to capture picture-perfect images with creating memories. Using smartphones cameras offers great optics with high-resolution and sharp results. Today photographers are increasing as they click high-quality images with excellent resolution. If you’re a beginner and want to click masterpiece, the best we could recommend is to go for the best photo editing app for iPhone and Android to create a great visual strategy. One can also choose a product photography course to include photographic techniques and explain the best photo editing apps they should use. After you pick the best photo editing app, make sure it offers a comprehensive set of tools that make your photos shine. What are the best photo editing apps? After testing dozens of famous applications, we have listed below the best photo editing apps for iPhone and Android . We know that not everyone can shoot a photo with just an Android or iPhone smartphone. Therefore, here come the photo editing a

Top Celebrity Look Alike Apps: Features + App Ideas

  You might have come across people who have similar faces, similar to celebrities. We know the person is unique in their way, but most of us have some twins or counterparts that resemble us with having similar features. Talking about modern digital technologies today, people are using celebrity look-alikes applications and enjoying the services. Users have fun with finding their framed counterparts and posting the results on social media pages. Also, users can get monetized and bring profit to the app owners. It’s the main reason that users prefer to develop an app that shows celebrity look-alike features . If you’re planning to create a celebrity look-alike app development , then take your time to analyze the modern market and see what it needs to offer. In this blog post, we make you understand the easiest way to use the services and how it’s a good investment. Why do you need to develop an app that says, “who do you look like the app”? Do you want to attract a vast audience that m

How To Setup a Video-On-Demand Service?

Are you considering starting your video-on-demand (VOD) service? If that's the case, you've made a wise business move. Video-on-demand (VOD) software is a booming sector in the United States and around the world, providing clients with a premium service allowing them to watch unlimited videos instead of having to wait for a broadcast time. The most common barrier to effectively deploy a Video-on-Demand service is a lack of knowledge about the technology required to broadcast video content to your clients. In this blog, we'll look at how you should think about when beginning a video-on-demand app business so you may spend the least amount of money and get the most out of your investment. Technical Introduction to Video On Demand Service Instead of being forced to watch when the show is broadcast, video   on-demand app capabilities offer viewers the to choose and watch videos whenever they want. An IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) network, which is used to transmit medi

Engagement Models For Laravel Application Development

  In the mobile app, the development backend holds prime importance. It has a trusted and dependable technology that would take good care of your backend operations with ease. For this purpose, Laravel creator said, “we want to simplify the development process”. Today the Laravel 5.4 is the latest released version that enforces the same ideology with new features. Leverage the best Laravel application development service & create a well-tailored web app. Hire a Laravel development company to scale business growth. Laravel provides predefined architecture and customized backend logic to stand out differently from the crowd. Hire Laravel developers in India and choose the company that understands your needs. We are one of the best leading web application development companies in India. We offer a wide range of engagement models that suits our customer’s needs. Let’s dive into understanding the engagement models in a better way. What are engagement models? An engagement model is a