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Android Studio 4.0 New Features Preview

  Today, Android has over 2.5 billion monthly active devices. The Android developers are using IDEs to build on Android using the latest features. Android Studio 3.6 released in February with a bunch of useful features. Google pushed Android Studio 4.0 with more convenient features & required fixes. The features it adds are: Motion Editor Build Speed Window Live Layout Inspector Layout Multi Preview Kotlin DSL Script files Smart Editor for R8 Rules The user can download Android Studio 4.0 for Mac, Windows, and Linux from Here, the number 4.0 tells that it’s a significant release for anyone who wants to build apps and games for Android. To offer a better understanding, we have broken down the features by categories. Such as Design, Develop, and Build. Moreover, the new version will help in improvements and bug fixes. Dive in to know more. Android Studio 4.0 Design Features 1. Motion Editor Motion Editor is the first feature that we’ll talk about. Androi
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What’s new in Flutter 1.9 and Dart 2.5 launched by Google

  Google just launched Flutter 1.9 and Dart 2.5, These are calling C Code directly from Dart and machine-learning powered code completion. With the kind of progress, the digital world has seen in the past few years, Google has never failed to surprise with its list of innovations. What had till now seemed to be a challenge in the form of cross-platform application development, now seems an easy task with Google’s Dart 2.5 With the release of Flutter developer alongside Dart 2.5, Google is advancing a step towards the formation of a unified toolkit for cross-platform coding. The unification can be performed across multiple UI Design platforms with the help of Flutter 1.9 Developer. This means developers can build applications over web apps, mobile apps as well as desktop apps using the same underlying codebase. What is Dart 2.5? Dart is one of the programming languages developed by Google. It was designed with the purpose of application development over mobile, desktop, backend and web

Timeline App Makers 2023 Software Who Made Virtual Timeline App

  A Timeline is considered as one of the core features of top project management software. If we talk about projects than Project Timelines are always considered as critical for monitoring projects and according to do a task more efficiently. The project timeline helps to identify the percentage of completion about different stages and help to keep the team on track. If you are in search to create your own visual timeline flutter app from the best interactive timeline makers than check out the below list or Get in touch with Us…! 1. Asana: One of the top project management tools globally is ASANA. It offers users a huge array of features that can be used in different ways. Asana timeline software helps to make the entire project management easy, versatile and efficient. Key Features: Just with Project Timelines can track the entire details of the project with other project dependencies and color-coding. In Asana projects are managed by Gantt charts, project timelines, and customized

Why and how to upgrade your website to PHP 7+?

  Do you want to double the speed of your site's page in just 10 minutes? Sounds impressive, isn't it? You can make that happen by your website to the latest version of PHP, which is 7+. And more importantly, it is better to upgrade to the latest version as soon you won't have a choice. Since PHP 5.7 will become the basic requirement to replace your website with PHP 7.0 version. Undoubtedly, PHP is one of the popular scripting languages on the web and holds the market with 70% of websites running online. Thus, when you hire PHP developer for web development, things become quite easier and more accessible. Why There Is A Need To Upgrade Website To PHP 7? Here are the top reasons explaining why you need to upgrade your website to PHP 7+ as soon as possible: 1. Enhances speed and performance If your site is still running on the older version of PHP, updating to the latest version will give you fast performance gain. When PHP 7.0 was introduced, it was universally appreciat

In-Depth Laravel 8 New Released Features | Concetto Labs

  Laravel 8 is a newly released Laravel framework that launched on 8th September. Peers want to know what’s new in Laravel 8 and what improvement were made in Laravel 7. Before understanding the Laravel 8 features , one needs to see the Laravel 6 version. As Laravel 6 framework switches to semantic versioning, we need to understand its process. Let’s drive in and take a look at the latest Laravel 8 new features Laravel 8 New Features Laravel 8 is here! This release includes many new features that will improve your development experience. Here’s a quick overview of what’s new in this version. 1. Laravel Jetstream One of the best new features in Laravel 8 is Laravel Jetstream. It provides a fantastic starting point for developing Laravel applications development . It uses built-in options like:  Login and Registration  Email Verification Session Management Two Factor Authentication Tailwind CSS designed Laravel Sanctum API Support 2. How are Laravel 8 features Jetstream used? Develope