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How Will iOS App Development Evolve Over The Next Five Years?

In virtual macrocosm, technologies have been flourishing and have become one of the sheer essentials for everyday life. With the commencement of the first iPhone in 2007, iOS app development has uplifted in various ways. With the evolution of technologies, the future is seen to be completely based on these concepts. Even if you look back 10-15 years ago, you will not have known the functionality of smartphones, mobile applications, web browsers, email systems, integrated maps, replacement of QWERTY keypads with touchscreens and so much more. 

Just when the iPhone could not offer with too many applications, the iOS app development company launched the Apple Store. This served to be a boon for the Apple users. Let's delve into the concept of how iOS evolved in these years. 

1. Multi-tasking

Since the commencement of iOS, the iOS app developers have been working hard to present you with the best Operating System. It has got the functionality of multi-tasking as well as the potentiality of sync option with Apple's other devices paving way for enhanced and integrated user experience. 

2. Storage Management

Previously iOS development did not have Automatic Reference Counting and due to this, it leads to too many bugs. With the launch of ARC in 2011 with Xcode 2.4, Reference counting code got the feature of being inserted automatically into the code through ARC. 

3. Layout

Another major thing launched by Apple was the Auto Layout features. With the inception of different sizes and screen of the iPhone and iPad, the development of this feature served as a blessing in disguise. The formulation of StackView though looks complicated when you hire iOS developers, it becomes easier to merge layout and resizing masks. 

4. Siri and Maps

  • With the introduction of iOS 13, Apple's voice assistant can do much more than just connecting calls. It will guide you with its natural language, provide you with details of accepting the call or not when you are not available and so much more. Apple now has introduced its Maps with enlightened features which are capable of being in compatibility with Google Maps. 
  • There are just some of the features that have been enhanced with new features and implementation of technologies conducted by certified developers. iOS app development companies have been taking up the functionality of new technologies that are seen to create involvement in the coming years. 

5. Artificial Intelligence

  • Artificial Intelligence serves to be an exemplary prototype. With passing days, developers and technical experts are blending the concept of both technologies to curate AI-based iOS application. Different global brands have been implementing the use of this technology for smoothing functioning of AI-based apps like Starbucks. 
  • In the coming years, you will be able to get hold of more AI apps on iOS that will completely transform the traditional methodology of conducting daily chores of life. There will be a new application that will make your daily life and making the right choices way easier. 

6. Internet of Things

  • With passing time, Internet of Things, popularly known as IoT keeps getting engaging and better. As mentioned before, your daily life is nothing without the internet. Starting from the mobile phone, television, Apple TV, other devices, headsets, lights, doorbells, security systems and so much more; everything is internet-based. Here, iOS app development is not improving the experience to look around at things. Rather you will be presented with realistic and top-notch choices that you take up in relevance of the information you have got access to. 
  • IoT is flourishing in most of the domain for its ethical usability. This further covers industry domains like hospitality, automobile, retail industry and others. It is quite amusing to delve into understanding how the trends have been developing and reaching every sector within a span of the next few years. It is the change for the good. Along with this, collaborating with AI, IoT has got the capability to elevate customer experience on a global scale. 

7. Cloud-Based Application

  • The experienced iOS app developers have predicted that cloud-based application is going to acquire the paparazzi in the world of iOS development. In a span of 5 to 7 years, global brands, international businesses and industries will be owning at least one native cloud-based application. 
  • The power of enlarging technologies is rising to a new peak. Another aspect that might take you to surprise is that nearly 80 percent of this market of the cloud-based the application might be owned by Google and Amazon. This serves that 20 percent of the Apple community will be able to access this technology. To acquire a bigger market, several iOS app developments needs to work on their skills and implement their place in the online marketing industry. 
  • Apart from the same, Apple could end up dominating this sector with the implementation of a few innovations in the next few years. The revolution is already seen. From the journey of iPhone launched in 2007 to implementation of App Store, updates installed in the operating system to launch of iOS 13 with new exclusive features. 

8. Augmented Reality

  • Another technology which is creating a great buzz in the market is Augmented Reality, also known as AR. It acquired a lot of attention with its inception back when Pokemon Go was introduced to the virtual enthusiasts. This virtual hunting game grabbed so much popularity that is ranked in about $950 million in 2016 and close to $900 million in 2017, making it a huge hit. 
  • In the coming few years, AR will create a new revolution for curating stunning and user-friendly trend in games and events. This trend will be envisioned in the iOS application created in the coming years. 

9. Machine Learning

  • Apple is creating a huge buzz with its association with Machine Learning and AI. With the formulation of iOS 13, the gap between Siri and its rivals like Google Assistant stands head to head. And within the coming years, their technologies are here to stay and only get better. iOS app developers are making use of the technologies for the enhancement in the functionality and user-friendly experience for any domain. It could include scheduling based on data, diagnosing medical conditions, chatbots helping and clever sensors built-in iPhone and Apple Watch. 
  • Google is making use of Machine Learning in the most incredible way to transform our lives in the future. In the same way, iOS is going no less. Apple's Core ML is that framework that further makes it easier for the developers for the integration of machine learning into the application with the easy structure of coding. And this implementation is already seen in Music Play and some other specifications and will be seen more in enhanced applications in the coming years. 

Final Words - 

iOS is creating a change in the modern world of application development. There are other functionalities will serve as a boon as paving the pathway to updated technological trends. In the next few years, iOS development will evolve and for the good. 

Monday, September 16, 2019

Reasons Why Laravel Web Development Is In Trend:


Laravel is one of the best open-source PHP web frameworks among all that is used for easy and quick web development.

To develop good quality websites and web applications, there are a number of PHP frameworks available for web development but laravel is favorite framework among the developers.  

Laravel use code syntax and MVC architecture which is developer-friendly and easily manageable with many useful features for websites like quick intuition, fast extension, and development speed.

With some of the clear features, flourishing and support from the ever-growing community made laravel a Leader in PHP framework. Even nowadays it's moving ahead with great speed.

Today, we will talk about why Laravel Web development is in trend as what are the best features that keep it, developers, first choice. 

Some Of The Key Features Of Laravel That Makes The Framework In Trend:

Laravel framework: includes different ways of accessing relational databases, class auto-loading, expressive migration system, eloquent ORM, restful resourceful controller, and efficient reverse routing.

Using Laravel developers can experience a trouble-free syntax. Here are some of the best features that make Laravel a market leader.

1. Authentication:
  • Using laravel to implement authentication becomes very easy. Everything configured out-of-the-box.
  • Configuration authentication file is located at config/auth.php.
  • To tweak the authentication services behavior number of well-documented options are available.
  • Auth is up with laravel and runs with a single piece of command.
2. Localization:
  • Laravel offers the localization feature that is a convenient way of retrieving a string of different languages.
  • Within the app these strings allow multiple languages to support effortlessly.
  • These language strings are stored in files within the /resources/lang/ directory.
3. Events:
  • Basic but an important feature of Laravel that allows one to listen and subscribe for an event in the application.
  • Event classes are stored in the Events directory and the listeners are stored in Listeners directory.
4. Routing System:
  • Using laravel programmers adopt a routing approach that is simple and easy both.
  • Developers just need to create the appropriate directory for each URI and create links with different named routes while writing the PHP code.
  • Laravel inserts the URI based on the link that to route names and also update the routes automatically whenever they change.
5. Pagination:
  • Using laravel pagination becomes very easy as it can quickly generate an intelligent range of links that are based on the current page and HTML with a simple function called as paginate.
  • The generated links are compatible with the Bootstrap CSS framework.
6. App Structure:
  • These are made to offer an easy and convenient starting point for big and small size applications.
  • Using app structure one can organize the app easily as the way they like.
7. Blade Templates:
  • Blade a powerful and templating engine.
  • The blade doesn’t limit one from using plain PHP code in the views, in sharp contrast among PHP templating engines.
  • Blade views are gathered to plain PHP code and then cached.
8. Artisan CLI:
  • Another key element of Laravel is Artisan command-line interface.
  • With just a single magical artisan command you can create database migrations, seeders, listeners, models, controllers, and events.
  • Can view the list of commands by typing in PHP artisan in the project root.
9. Helper Functions:
  • These helper PHP functions can be used easily in the apps for free if they are suitable.
  • Laravel includes different helper PHP functions.
Wrap Up:

With the great number of features, Laravel has gone one batter and being one of the most popular frameworks of PHP.

Laravel is simple in nature to make an application, set up simple websites, code is straightforward easily readable.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

5 Features Which Make iOS 13 Superior to iOS 12

With the latest revelations, iOS 13 has launched its beta version for the iOS App developers Apart from the same, there is news that it has also released its public beta form which is open to all. The users might be in a dilemma if the new version is well enhanced and picturesque great functionality in comparison to iOS 12. To bring to your notice, there have been loads of changes as well as the implementation of new features in iOS 13. You will be able to notice what is new and different. You will be able to discover most of the elements which are available in iOS 12. But this enhanced version has a lot more to showcase which you will be able to visualize. Hire iOS App developers who will be able to incorporate the enhanced features in their native apps for the device.

Where Will You Be Able To Visualize The Implementation Of The New Ios 13?

Devices like iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X/XS/XS Max/XR and the iPod Touch will be able to see the update. It will also be available on iPad Pro 10.5/11/12.9/2017/2018 versions and also for iPad Mini versions 2, 3 and 4.

Coming to the upgrade of iOS 12, iOS App Development Company has worked efficiently in fixing the bugs and stabilise improvement. But above all of it, all the planning, implementation of new features and functionality has been made to iOS 13, making it way more effective than iOS 12. 

Here Are Some Of The Few Features Which You Will Be Able To Notice And Understand The New Venture Of Apple Users With Ios 13.

1. Dark mode and Sign in

  • The two new features incorporated in iOS 13 are Dark mode and Sign In with Apple. The functionality of Dark Mode is where users will be able to change the color scheme into the dark. It is compatible with all native applications. Not only this, it will be available for other third-party developers to integrate the same into their applications. 
  • It has been specifically designed for iPhone users to make your way better even in a low-light or darker environment. You are entitled to decide when you want to make use of these incredible features which is of course not available in iOS 12. 
  • The other feature that is Sign In with Apple will allow you to make use of your Apple ID for logging into applications and other sites through a single tap. It is almost similar to the services of Facebook and Google, but the first things first, privacy is thoroughly maintained. 

2. Siri Improvements

  • After a long while, there has been new implementation and enhancement in the functionality of Siri which you will not come across in iOS 12. iOS 12 had Siri's translation skills, Siri's shortcuts to let the user take quick actions and implement shortcuts to maintain a daily routine. 
  • In iOS 13 Siri has got great improvements. The operating system will send a message and tell the user if the call needs to be taken. It has got the implementation of natural language output in relevance to providing directions through the new Apple Maps. All kudos to the ‘advanced neural text-to-speech technology’ for making it worth it for interactive with Siri much smoother and natural. 
3. Camera and Live Photos

  • For iOS 12, the camera had features for Portrait lighting, automatic QR reading as well as had the option to search for specific photos gave a user-friendly experience. You can search either through events, dates or make use of other search terms at once. 
  • There has been a sheer focus portrayed for Camera in iOS 13. A live photo can be attached to having a video length of 3 seconds. It could even enhance the timing and length to 6 seconds. Additional of new monochromatic effect has been implemented covering a redesigned editing experience for the users. 
  • You will be able to review every effect and fetch the benediction of using new tools in the Photos app like "Noise Reduction" and others. The photos are going to be displayed in a new photo table than highlight shots from specific days, months or years. 
4. Maps

  • Apple Maps were never considered that great in comparison to Google Maps. The updated information somewhere lacked and people did make use of the third-party applications rather than following through the directions or location of Apple Maps till iOS 12 version. 
  • The brand is now ready to beat the bush and take a whole new step to revolutionize the concept of Apple Maps. It has got the implementation of Junction View along with 3D format where you will be able to see the buildings, small streets and all other locations, just at ground level. 
  • The Map app has been completely rebuilt. It includes detailed location, realistic deals and also has got the implementation of another new feature known as Look Around. This offers a 3D experience just like Google's Street View. You will be able to share your location with your loved ones, get real-time transit information, create Favourites and Collections of the places you visit more often, set up navigation for the same, on time ETA and so much more. 
5. Reminders, Messages and Memojis

  • Apple has completely redesigned the Reminders app for iOS 13 presenting it with a brand new interface, supporting attachments and "smart lists". The functionality of this is to organize and showcase reminders automatically. Mainly you are entitled to go through the relevant days, reminders, schedules ones, almost everything.
  • Coming to the Messages section, iOS 12 allowed to personalize your interactions through Animoji and Memoji features. And for the Message app, iOS 13 will let you share your name and photo. you can choose it on your own by the way. The search tool in this section has also been improved, automatic message display and images, you will also be able to categorize your messages. 
  • In iOS 13, you will be presented with more variations of creating customized Memoji on any of your iPhone models. Starting from picking up 30 hairstyles, headwear options and so much more. It has also increased the Animoji characters into mouse, octopus and a cow. For every of Memoji and Animoji character curated on your device iOS 13 will be able to create sticker packs automatically for using it in Messages.

Final Words -

There has been the implementation of loads of features with while new home screen, Car Play and so much more. With the functionality of this new version, you will be in awe of the features curated by the iOS App Development Company for your device apps. 

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A Complete Guide On iOS App Development Tool Kit:

Every business requires a customized and streamlined that helps the organization upgrade the brand name and actuate well in the future. As per the demographic analysis, every seven out of ten applications are made for iOS.

We can say that the market segment for iOS applications nowadays remarkably increasing at a very fast speed.

Let me introduce the complete iOS App development tools kit that is essential for the developers. Using these tools developers can make apps on the iOS platform efficiently and quickly.

Editors and IDEs - Integrated Development Environments:

A Popular IDE and favorite choice of the iOS developers that is mostly utilized for generating apps iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.

An authenticated IDE that is used with Swift developed by Apple.


A streamlined tool created by JetBrains. When you talk about multiple programming languages like C++, JavaScript, Swift and Objective-C, The editor and IDE tool are remarkably helpful.
Code Runner:

A popular IDE that is used by developers to make a sophisticated and highly advanced application.
For iOS developer a robust and multipurpose programming editor.
RxSwift :

A magnificent programming library that helps iOS developers code and programs dynamic iOS applications that effortlessly interact with data, respond to that data and following user events.

A tool that is used to analyze the early development stage of an app and summarization all the processes.
The best thing about this tool is that the user can easily generate visual wireframe of an app or its prototype which is clickable.


A tool that is used for monitoring the ranking of apps on the iTunes store.

To create an account with Applyzed is very easy, all you need to do is to attach your app ID with it and you can see how well your app ranks on iTunes.


Native framework platform for developers that are used for testing different Apple products.
With Testflight, the beta test of iOS app prototype becomes easier.

Stack Overflow:

Not a tool but something equally valuable and also known as the most trusted developer community.

Using stack overflow you can get in touch with experienced iOS developers and numerous experts.

For the iOS Platform, Some Of The Great Plug-ins Used For App Development:

If we see the IT market then there are a number of plug-ins available for iOS app development some of them are free of cost and for some of them, you need to pay.

Here is a list of some of the great or most useful plug-ins that can come in significantly handy for iOS developers.


An open-source plug-in that can be used with XCode 7 and editors and higher IDEs. These plugins have a variety of color schemes and templates. Alcatraz is its discovery engine for a multitude of other plugins.


Using this plug-in it becomes easier to integrate the OSX as well as the integration of Xcode with iOS dependency manager tool.

Injection for XCode:

For a programming language such as Objective-C, you can alter the implementation process using Injection for XCode and also not need to restart the app and also not need to worry about like the app will crash.

Fuzzy AutoComplete:

The Fuzzy autocomplete plug-in helps determine the bends in Xcode’s prefix autocomplete process.


A Code Snippet manager and also an API documentation manager that provides more than 150 offline documents.

Enroll Yourself in the iOS Developer Program:

A very frequent question asked by beginners and aspiring developers for iOS but the answer is quite simple as it is optional.

XCode IDE, one of the most popular tools using which iOS developers integrate to create impressive apps. An important thing to note down is that if you do not enroll yourself for the iOS developer program, you will not be able to submit it on the App Store.

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Reduce Android App APK With These Top 7 Approaches!

Android is one of the most approached operating systems due to its user-friendly interface and accessibility to millions of free. That’s the reason you will find maximum Android smartphone users across the globe. As per Statistic reports 2019, Android 8.0 Oreo had the major share among all the versions. Check in the fig, given below:
This is why competition in the market is increasing tremendously, pressurizing Android developers to deliver better apps. However, as we’re mindful of the fact that Google Play Store is already overflowing with thousands of apps and the addition of new apps is a continuous process. Therefore, how you can achieve success? Simply by trimming down the overall size of the Android app!
Android app developers understand that adding too much high-quality graphics or content can negatively impact the reloading time of apps, leading to the number of clicks offs. According to
This is why competition in the market is increasing tremendously, pressurizing Android developers to deliver better apps. However, as we’re mindful of the fact that Google Play Store is already overflowing with thousands of apps and the addition of new apps is a continuous process. Therefore, how you can achieve success? Simply by trimming down the overall size of the Android app!
Android app developers understand that adding too much high-quality graphics or content can negatively impact the reloading time of apps, leading to the number of clicks offs. According to
recently released survey, for every 6MB increase in APK size, may lead to a 1% drop in the downloads.
Here, in this article, we’ve outlined some approaches that can adapt to cut down Android APK size, yet keep it engaging, rich and vibrant:
1. Optimize Proguard:
Shrinking your codes is always better and this tool will eventually help in this process efficiently. You can optimize this app for reducing the code size and develop a rich, vibrant, and innovative mobile app. However, you should always test the app after using this tool as it changes a few symbols in the app, which may hamper the experience of users.
2. More the smaller, more the better:
Being a developer, you should never underestimate the size of app during the development process. This is one of the common mistakes that developers commit in rush of adding content or high-end graphics and a lot more. But if you want to target billions of audience, then keeping the overall size of the app small is crucial. As there are many Android-powered smartphones in the market with limited RAM and storage, which will impact your downloads. Users don’t want to see this on their mobile device and uninstall your app:
3. Opt for APK analyzer to breakdown the size:
You might already know that the APK analyzer is available in an Android studio that highlights the aspect that is larger and adding to increased size. Now here’s an instance, in which an app called Anti-Theft screen lock APK is shared in the below image:
As in the image you can see the raw size of the app is 3.1MB, but after applying the analyzer it has been compressed to 2.5MB roughly. In the mentioned screenshot, you can see three components contributing to the large size of the app, which includes:
  • Res- This folder actually has all the files under the name res, which basically contain images, raw files, menu files, and icons.
  • Classes.dex- This file contains all the byte codes of your java code that will run on your DMV or ART.
  • Resources.arsc- This file holds all the valuable resources, containing all the data that you have under different value folders.
4. Optimize png images and JPEG files:
You can reduce the png images without losing image quality, for which, adopting tools OptiPNG or PNGCrush. These tools will help you attain quality in images at the same time reduce their sizes as well. More so, utilizing Pain.NET you can compress the size of JPEG files also.
5. Squash out unused resources:
For this process, you can utilize android resource remover, which helps you clean out all the unused resources gathered in the project from Android Lint.
6. Elimination of debugging information:
We as a leading Android Development Company always recommend our android developers to eliminate the debug-related functionality from the application. This data is generally not utilized by Android to run the applications. Thus, removing it from the app is an ideal solution to save more space for your app.
7. Say no to duplication:
It is vital to make sure that you don’t hold any duplicated functionality file in your database; it will eventually lead to having unnecessary files in your APK. Being a developer, it is important to understand which APIs you are utilizing in the development process along with their functionality. There can be scenarios where one API is already doing the function of second API.
Wrapping up

By adopting the above-mentioned approaches in your app development process can help you significantly to reduce the file size.
Still, if you’re facing challenges in the mobile app development process, then hire android app developers of Concetto Labs. We help you accomplish your goals by delivering scalable, efficient, and reliable Android apps.
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Best Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools To Use in 2019:

A Framework that helps the developers to build mobile applications that are capable of working well on just more than a mobile platform and hence we call it - Cross-Platform Framework.

The platforms that we are talking about are iOS and Android. Cross-platform frameworks are in demand and the reason behind these is that the developers need to write the code once and can use the same code anywhere on the other platforms.

As we all know that the world is becoming smarter with the upgraded technologies and using smartphones so for developers it becomes a priority to create an app that supports several mobile platforms devices.

If we talk about the market than there are many tools available in the market and today we will discuss some of these amazing tools that make the Cross-platform app development easier.

Amazing Tools That Make The Cross-Platform App Development An Easy Task:

Nowadays, for businesses who are looking to establish their presence on iOS and Android platform, the best choice is to establish with powerful Cross-Platform frameworks.


  • Earlier in 2011, an independent hybrid app development framework named ‘Xamarin’ was launched.
  • In the year 2016, an independent framework is taken up by Microsoft and it becomes more believable and trustworthy in the market.
  • Xamarian is an open-source framework that is aimed to build the gap between various native technologies.
  • With these carry out the development faster by just making use of Xamarin plugins and NuGet package that offers access to native APIs.
  • Recently, Xamarin got into partnership with IBM, Microsoft, and Xoriant and also offers interface development tools.
  • Can be tested on a number of devices through cloud service. Easily shareable code with Windows platforms and Mac OS.
  • To build native app-like interfaces considered as one of the topmost competitive options.


  • A framework that is used for cross-platform app development earlier known as Apache PhoneGap and later named as Adobe PhoneGap as it is owned by Adobe.
  • PhoneGap allows the developers to take a look at the changes made to the code on the devices. It also makes use of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.
  • The main advantage of using PhoneGap is that it allows you to share the application with your team and you can collect the feedback from them.
  • PhoneGap also offers some of the cloud solutions, these can be useful to build an application directly.
  • PhoneGap is the first choice when it comes to building Hybrid apps.
  • If developers are working with PhoneGap than they are not needed to worry about the hardware issues.
  • PhoneGap can be used to build an app for all the major Operating System-OS out there and helps to add in more functionality by adding new plugins.


  •  A cross-platform development tool that is utilized to develop, deploy and test the functionality of a mobile app known as Appcelerator.
  • Appcelerator makes use of JavaScript as a universal code mechanism. It also conveys that the same code can be used to create an app for different platforms like Android, Blackberry and iOS.
  • For brisk development of an app with JavaScript experienced developer, the best choice is Appcelerator.
  • Fundamental source code at any time is accessible to the user. Also offers pre-built integration with salesforce, MongoDB, MS SQL, MS Azure, and Box.
  • Titanium framework makes it cost-effective and cloud services to pack, examine and distribute.


  • Another free and open-source cross-platform framework that is used by developers to build native interfaces.
  • Flutter development is based on Dart, Dart is an object-oriented programming language which is easy to learn and used by the developers.
  • A Hot Reloading feature of Flutter that speeds up the development time and also allows the developers to preview the changes that are made directly in the emulator, simulator and within the device.
  • The main advantage of using Flutter is that it takes a few seconds to write the codes and also to add new features, bug fixing and carry out development all can be done in quick time.
  • Flutter brings unique UI and feature of wrapping a web view, also offers quick and adjustable gadgets right inside the framework.
  • The architecture of flutter is based on the most popular and extensive reactive programming which means if you want to develop a feasible product than Flutter is the best choice.
  • For building hybrid applications Flutter is considered as a best-suited option among all the cross-platform mobile apps framework.


The most crucial role is played by the cross-platform app framework in case of mobile app development. The cross-platform framework works as a tool that carries out mobile and web development for businesses.

As we all know that every business is different and so their solutions hence whenever you are developing a web or mobile app for your business you need to be sure that you are going with a client-centric approach.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Fascinating Tools And Libraries To Develop Better Android Apps Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow:

Across the globe, more than 1.5 billion smartphone users use different mobile applications for various purposes such as education, shopping, or entertainment.

Android App Development

Nowadays, Smart mobile revolution gave several opportunities for organizations to launch mobile applications that object at enhancing engagement level, increase revenue and most important customer loyalty. Before talking about the mobile app development redundancy it's important to go through all the ecosystem and understand that on which platform to build, who is targeted audience and what features that need to be must include.

Some of the important factors that are most Challenging during the Mobile App Development process:

Software Fragmentation:

  • As the newer versions of the Android operating system get launched every year the problem of destruction is getting complex every year.
  • Unlike iOS, the adoption rate of the latest version of Android keeps being materially slow.
  • Android developers focus on targeting multiple versions of android during the mobile applications development process. It’s difficult to build an application that grasps all the features that are provided by the latest android system versions.

Device Fragmentation

  • We all know that Android is an open-source that allows various device manufacturer that customizes Android OS without any compulsion
  • A big challenge is that Android devices can come with fingerprint sensor and other devices may not support these functionalities.
  • Another situation that is faced by android developers is that the hardware features are provided by differing substantially.

UI for Android:

  • Android developers always need to refer and implement the UI design guidelines that are recommended by Google that makes the Android apps look more perfect.
  • By doing these functions of android apps run seamlessly with android devices.
  • Not just this only android developers also have to explore different ways that keep the application layout flexible that can make the application consistent with individual devices.

Security Issues:

  • Android is more unprotected to security attacks due to the massive market share.
  • By combining the security features and advanced encryption mechanisms from developers that help to protect the applications and user data.
  • Developers are uncomprehending in the mission of making an Android app and user data more secure.

Let’s Have A Look On Top Android App Development Tools:

The Top Android App development tools include Android Studio, Eclipse, Unity 3D/4D, IntelliJIDEA, Droidedit, Visual Studio with Xamarin, and Cordova & Titanium. These tools help to navigate the inconsistent world of Android Apps Development. IDE which stands for the integrated development industry provides a rich and collaborative interface that accomplishes an entire Android application development process that includes coding and relevant tasks. 1. Android Studio:

An Official IDE and code editor suite of tools and Framework that is provided by Google to the Android developer community.

Android Studio supports JAVA and Kotlin like android programming languages. Android Studio offers a file system that manages files during a project by its compiler that creates APK files. With an XML editor and design view that manages UI elements on the interface. Android Studio comes with a bundled Android SDK kit and JDK kit separately. 2. Eclipse:
Eclipse was the main IDE for Android development when Android Studio was nat launched. It is a Java IDE that comes with billions of plugins to offer extensive customization. Many developers still use the Eclipse when Kotlin is not their programming language and become familiar with the Eclipse environment. 3. Unity 3D/4D:
A game engine and Framework for game development that supports the Android Game development with complete tools and resources for background creation, animations and designing the game interactions. 4. IntelliJ IDEA:
A Java IDE that supports the out of box tools and supports modern development hence developers prefer it the most. IntelliJ IDEA analyzes code and provides in-depth coding assistance, error analysis, refactoring and quick navigation. 5. Droidedit:
A text editor for Android coders that is suitable for coding while on the go. Droidedit integrated with cloud services that allow editing files direct from the cloud. 6. Visual Studio with Xamarin:
An initiative from Microsoft platform and Xamarin that supports cross-platform app development for android devices too using C# programming language. 7. Cordova & Titanium:
Hybrid android apps development tools that use web development languages that include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript along with the native covering to get the support of mobile browsers.

Wrap Up:

android app user interface design

It is very important to create a custom mobile app development strategy and the purpose of doing these is to identify and overcome the challenges in Android application development.
If you are looking to overcome the challenges that are associated with android app development than connect the android application development company like us who can help you to provide the best android app developer for hire and helps to select the right tool as well as partner with a top.

If you have any idea that you want to develop in reality than just simply hire android app developer or hire android programmer who is capable to build your idea into real-world and lead you to great success.